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JavaScript Developer Lead, - What next ?????????

JavaScript Developer - What next ?????????

You, as a permanent JavaScript Developer are in high demand, you probably can't move for another vacancy being thrown at you, you dare not answer the phone as it may well be yet another agent "TELLING YOU ABOUT THEIR FABULOUS ROLE", you can't take a shower for fear of opening your eyes and finding another person standing there telling you about their role.

In fact you prefer PPI calls.

You probably question why you even look at roles advertised.

Just in case someone advertises something different, but the truth is, they are all the same, just different shades.

Here's the thing - none of them really know what you want, they guess and guess and chuck everything at it, Golden Hello's, Sabbaticals, Massages at the desk, Share Options, Training the list is endless.

But who knows what you really want -

Do you know ?

Have you ever had the time to really question what you really want

Here are some examples of questions to ask yourself (remember asking these out loud may look like you are talking to yourself, which may be seen as a sign of madness)

Firstly - Why do you want to change your role, it's not good to end up with role that still has similar issues -

What do you want from your next role?
What is really important to you
What do you want from your career
What benefits do you want
What motivates you
What do you really enjoy
What do you dislike
Oh and how much do you want to be paid

My client has a need and would like to see if they can accommodate you and your aspirations, and work together.

My client have a need for JavaScript Developers (A Lead and a Senior) to allow them to carry on with their existence and continued growth, they continually evolve, they service a need which is continually growing/evolving AND they have to keep up with the latest technologies.

Established in 2001 they are a global Aggregator for Advertisers, both Advertising Agencies and Large Plc companies, they enable brands to distribute their advertising and marketing materials across all mediums, and because of the continual emergence of new advertising mediums including but not limited to Digital Social Media they have to continually evolve.

They require the help of a JavaScript Developer with the following skills

, Extensive hands-on and architectural experience of Angular.js, Node.js, ES5+, Dojo and other JavaScript Frameworks
, A working understanding of styling frameworks (Bootstrap/Material/Foundation)
, An unquestionable expert in HTML5 and CSS3
, Ability to design and build optimised, scalable and reliable web applications
, Excellent knowledge of HTTP REST Protocols with JSON
, Code debugging

, A willingness to share knowledge and promote that philosophy within team
, Experience working in an Agile (Scrum preferred) environment, actively participating in standard ceremonies
, Should believe in a team centric approach
, Ability to develop and own application features, individual tasks in order to meet milestones and deadlines
, Provide accurate timeframe estimates
, Ability to interact with technical and non-technical people
, Continuous delivery approach
, Initiative to drive change in development practices through team work, code reviews, etc.
, Knowledge of code repositories and build servers


, Passionate about being a Developer and the latest Technology, willing to try it out and experiment with it, seeks benefits and how it can be adopted within the existing projects
, Interest in open source solutions, and willing to contribute back to community
Desirable skills
, Working knowledge other Languages