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District Operations Supervisor, Harrisburg PA (FT)

The District Operations Supervisor is responsible for directly supervising operations of a district office, which may include supervising customer service and equipment processing personnel and activities to achieve financial and operating objectives.

The District Operations Supervisor is responsible for providing supervisory direction to ensure that the delivery of equipment and services exceeds customer expectations and that staff follow the strategic direction that has been set and all applicable operational regulations and standards.

Drive Efficiency (L#5)

Makes decisions that ensure consistent execution of key systems and processes that make effective use of organizational resources.

  • Analyze information, generate alternatives, and commit to solutions that ensure the efficient use of organizational resources.

  • Delegate decision-making authority and task responsibility to ensure efficient execution of key systems and processes.

  • Establish plans for executing systems and processes that make efficient use of organizational resources.

  • Set challenging goals for the efficient use of organizational resources.

Engage Employees (L#13a)

Creates a work environment in which employees become compelled to commit to their organization and its bottom line and feel pride and job ownership.

  • Build employee trust and engagement by being honest and consistent, keeping commitments, exchanging ideas openly, and providing support.

  • Delegate decision-making authority and task responsibility to employees to maximize their job ownership and commitment to outcomes.

  • Provide timely guidance and feedback to help others excel so they become more committed to their jobs and the organization.

Create a Customer Service Culture (L#29)

Leads the implementation of new processes, activities and culture that enhances the customer experience; ensures that associates live a customer focused culture day to day.

  • Make customer satisfaction the primary focus when implementing new processes, activities and culture.

  • Encourage the implementation and acceptance of new, customer focused processes, activities and culture.

  • Set high standards and accountability for customer satisfaction.

Drive Performance (L#16a)

Gets results personally and from work groups; sets performance expectations and holds people accountable for getting results.

  • Provide timely guidance and feedback to help others excel

  • Establish performance objectives and development plans, track performance, and evaluate progress toward goals.

  • Work tenaciously toward stretch goals for personal and group performance.

Finance, Product & Industry Knowledge

Understands and can appropriately apply knowledge of UHS product and service offerings.

  • Demonstrates in-depth knowledge of UHS product and service offerings.

  • Demonstrates financial acumen and a robust understanding of financial analysis and communication.

  • Use insight into market drivers to capitalize on key business opportunities that will create business opportunities

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the healthcare industry, including an understanding of hospital operations, alternate care providers, and medical equipment manufacturers.

  • Recognizes professional trends and business situations that present opportunities for UHS.

Continuous Improvement (O#6)

Emphasis on constantly improving processes, products, and services and exploring innovative ways to do the job.

Willingness to consider change and to adapt.

  • Encouraging exploration of process, product, or service improvement.

  • Examining creative and diverse solutions to work issues.

  • Maintaining an open, flexible environment, being receptive to change.

Participative Management (O#19)

Encouragement of an environment in which individuals have a sense of ownership and influence over their work.

  • Giving task responsibility to individuals.

  • Allowing individuals to make decision about their work.

  • Responsibilities Provides leadership, planning and direction to ensure business objectives and financial goals are achieved.

  • Proactively supports customer on-site service.

  • Holds self and team accountable for timely completion of assignments and achieving expected results.

  • Understands and uses effective conflict resolution skills, e.g., identifies and resolves customer and staff concerns, discrepancies and disagreements

  • Oversee equipment management practices.

  • Promotes communication among team members to create visibility for internal staff and customers.

  • Makes sound and timely decisions.

  • Demonstrates in-depth knowledge of medical equipment.

  • Manages equipment inventory and par levels consistent with contract terms, pricing and policies.

  • Manages missing and lost equipment, software upgrades and accessories.

  • Uses available resources to ensure teams operate efficiently, and handles geographic routing and prioritization to service customers.

  • Gain knowledge to be proficient in UHS' systems.

  • Completes and maintains DOT certification, according to location-specific needs.

  • Oversees staffing levels and on call schedules based on demand.

  • Recruits, trains and develops employees.

    Provides cross- and lateral training, emphasizing continuous improvement and teamwork, and providing on-going feedback with focused action steps for areas of improvement.

  • Understands UHS billing for account invoices and assists with account receivables collections

  • Leads and supports continuous improvement initiatives.

  • Demonstrates the leadership to inspire others by modeling a positive commitment to the business, peers, other departments, direct reports, and clients.

  • Ensure timeliness of district wide performance appraisals.

  • Performs other assigned duties.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Characteristics

  • Ability to perform in a fast paced environment.

  • Ability to maintain communication with other departments within organization.

  • Complies with patient privacy laws in all matters.

  • Operates with a proactive approach towards safety, health and quality in compliance with all company, governmental and customer policies and regulations.

  • Willingness to strive for constant improvement of department efficiencies as well as utilization of financial systems.

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

  • Time management and organizational skills.

Educational Credentials and Experience Required

  • 3 years management experience or work experience with demonstrated leadership.

  • Prefer healthcare, hospital industry, medical equipment, sales and services.

  • Bachelor's degree preferred.

  • Healthcare experience preferred.

  • Business and financial management expertise to assist with contract management and account margin maintenance.

  • Profit and Loss (P&L) statement and budget management experience.

  • Demonstrated computer literacy

  • Willingness to work flexible hours, including evenings, weekends and holidays, as well as emergency off-hours as required.

  • Travel up to 50 -75%

  • Valid driver's license.

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