Lead PHP Developer - Altrincham - Up to £65,000

Lead PHP Developer - Altrincham - £50,000 to £65,000

Rags to PHP Riches

5 years ago, there was a developer like you are right now.

He wasn't learning new technologies, he was wearing a boring tie & trousers combo because a manager told him he had to for some strange arbitrary reason - and he was working all hours of the day, getting burnt out and just generally wondering why the hell he got into software development in the first place.

But he didn't quit - he decided to choose a company to work for who would actually train him on new technologies and treat him like an adult.

They would give him responsibility to lead a team and implement new ways of working, listening to his option and point of view.

If he wanted to put on some headphones and concentrate on getting a piece of work done, he didn't need to “justify” it, he just slipped them on.

If he needed to come in work an hour later because of the school run, or work from home one day because the plumber was coming round - he knew that was fine, he wouldn't get judged because luckily he worked for a human being who hadn't forgot that people have a life outside of work.

Not feeling burnt out anymore, he started to remember why he got into the industry again - everyday he was demonstrating his skills in OO PHP, Laravel, Javascript, HTML and CSS and teaching people around him.

He was starting to build the best websites, interactive applications and software solutions he ever had.

He was participating in the technical design and direction of projects in conjunction with the stakeholders and other technical team members.

He was technically leading and guiding the Development team in a collaborative manner, encouraging the team to come up with ideas rather than dictating how things should be done.

He started to look forward to going into work in the morning, coming into a nice air-conditioned office, looking out for what yummy treats were in the office that day.

Do you want this be you? Of course you do, you're only human!

This company in Altrincham will pay you anything from £50,000 to £65,000 depending on your experience and level you are at.

You'll get 25 days holiday as well as a good pension scheme, Bonus Scheme and the flexible working options mentioned earlier.

Don't have an up to date CV? Don't worry - let's have a chat anyway.

Call me, Jack, on 0117 428 0600 or drop me an email @ jack @ isluk.co.uk to find out more.

I'm happy to take calls before you start work, or after you finish, whenever is easier for you.

Call me today, before another Senior/Lead Developer beats you to it!

Lead PHP Developer - Altrincham - £50,000 to £65,000

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