Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

The role includes:

Working under the direction of the teacher in the teaching and learning of children,

which will include specific activities on a regular basis where management or

supervision may not be direct.

Accountable To:

Deputy Head Teacher

General Duties:

Support the students by:

Undertaking activities with individuals, groups or a class of children in order to facilitate their physical, emotional and educational development within a safe environment usually under the supervision of a teacher.

Working to establish a supportive relationship with the children and parents concerned in order to facilitate effective communication and partnership between school and home.

Carrying out pre-determined educational activities and work programmes

ensuring that specific guidelines are followed whilst promoting independent learning to support the children's understanding.

Encouraging acceptance and inclusion of the child with special needs to

support achievement and development.

Promoting and reinforcing the child's self-esteem and encourage the child to maximise their achievement and development.

Higher Level Accountabilities

Attend planning meetings and under the overall direction and guidance of the teacher, contribute to the short, medium and long term planning and

preparation of lessons.

Preparation and delivery of lessons, under the direction of the teacher,

including covering for teacher absence and delivery specific interventions to students e.g.

Rapid Reading.

Monitoring, evaluating and providing teachers with feedback on pupils'

participation and progress.

Contributing to the maintenance of pupils records.

Help pupils make progress in a range of classroom settings including working with individuals, small groups and whole classes where the assigned teacher is not present.

Support teachers in selecting and preparing teaching resources that meet the pupils' needs and interests.

Liaise with the class teacher to devise

complementary learning activities.

Supervise a group of Teaching Assistants

Support the teacher by:

Monitoring, assessing and recording students' work as directed by the teacher.

Attending and contributing to annual review meetings with parents and other professionals in order to support the monitoring and development of the child where appropriate.

Support the school by:

Taking responsibility for securing the maintenance of specific equipment in

school and to have responsibility for specific aspects of health and safety.

To have skills which can be utilised in class such as gardening, drama, craft etc.

Being aware of the school's policies and procedures.

Being aware of confidential issues linked to home/pupil/teacher/school work and to keep confidences as appropriate.

Assisting with out of school activities such as open days, school performances etc.

Carrying out the duties of classroom assistants and teaching assistants

detailed below (general key tasks) as required or directed.

Contributing to behaviour management of pupils in accordance with the school

policy and guidance.

Work within the framework of the school's agreed policies and procedures.

Support the curriculum by:

Any other duties which may reasonably be regarded as within the nature of the duties and responsibilities/grade of the post, subject to the proviso that any significant, substantial or permanent changes shall be incorporated into the job description in specific terms.

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