Adult Safeguarding officer

Experience as front line adult safeguarding officer Enhanced DBS check 37hrs over a 5 day week, no shift working required Key Responsibilities:

, Offering advice, support and guidance to team/colleagues/partner agencies as and when required including mentoring arrangements for staff with a different level of responsibility.

, Ensuring quality of work engaged in or produced by the team in respect of any audit system in place or introduced- any performance monitoring and any data issues or requirements is of a professional standard and as per client expectations.

, Contribute to providing information required or requested as and when requested via management, partners, stakeholders, colleagues in whichever format or forum is appropriate to the circumstances.

, Engage and liaise with professionals/partners/stakeholders in order to bring timely resolution for people for whom concerns are raised via safeguarding.
, Challenge practice and differing viewpoints professionally, appropriately and with sensitivity where this is required in the pursuit of ensuring outcomes for individuals are achieved and that they are safeguarded where relevant.

, To ensure that principles of Human Rights, Making Safeguarding Personal, best practice guidance and legislation, including rights to assessment and advocacy, are incorporated into areas of work to get the best outcome for people accessing the safeguarding procedures.

, Support in all meetings linked to safeguarding including MASH, MARAC, MATAC, MAPPA.

, Contribute to supporting the council in any legal or potential legal proceedings, reviews or complaints providing expertise, information, reports and documentation as appropriate to circumstances.

, Ensuring minutes and documentation associated with the safeguarding process is accurate prior to distribution.

, Arranging and chairing meetings to the standard expected including ensuring partner contribution and responsibility are incorporated and clearly reflected in associated records and documents.

, Managing, maintaining and monitoring cases for which there is a responsibility allocated as a coordinator to ensure actions and recordings are clear and timely and timescales are achieved in accordance with council/professional expectations.
, Undertake effective and accurate report writing, recording and audit.

, Communicate effectively in verbal, written and technological communications, with all partners and stakeholders, in an accurate, respectful, proportionate and timely manner to facilitate the establishment and maintenance of positive and constructive relationships.

, Supporting work for cases not allocated where requested or where a need becomes identified and where there is a need to address equity of workload issues.
, Ensure sharing of information as appropriate to circumstances within the boundaries of confidentiality and council information governance requirements.
, Representing the team in operational safeguarding matters where required or requested.

, To facilitate and accommodate the introduction of new, improved or changed working practices and support the manager in all aspects of current and future work.

, To work independently and as part of a team to provide solutions to ensure that work is delivered within timescales, tasks are appropriately prioritised, and that sensitive queries and difficult issues are given due attention to deliver a satisfactory outcome.

, To maintain positive customer and team relationships, including when dealing with sensitive matters related to safeguarding or monitoring or when faced with challenging or hostile behaviour which could be linked to concerns or frustrations over the management of risk, vulnerability and safeguarding processes or work associated with the team

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