Nursery Chef

OL82 – Nursery Head Chef/Cook
Location: Cheltenham
Salary: £10.00 - £10.50 p/hr

The following constitutes to the majority of the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of the nursery Chef/Cook however can include other relevant responsibilities to ensure the efficient and effective running of the kitchen.The head cook will be flexible within their role and ensure the department runs efficiently and effectively whilst supporting the manger in the day-to-day running of the nursery.

To prepare all meals and snacks for the children on the premises.
8.00am/8.30am-1.30/2pm 5 days a week

Duties and Responsibilities :

  • To be an excellent role model to all staff, ensuring high standards are followed whilst remaining professional and consistent in your approach at all times.
  • Ensure any staff who work alongside you are given a thorough induction, which is understood and followed.  Make staff feel welcome and included as a valued member of the team. 
  • Identify staff training needs and report on training sheets to management.  Liaise with management over staff appraisal giving constructive input and feedback.
  • Ensure staff perform to high standards and are motivated and enthusiastic.  You must take control of situations/issues, which arise and deal with them promptly and efficiently.
  • You must be supportive, approachable, and offer constructive advice to new staff.  You must be seen to be acting professionally and in the best interest of the nursery at all times
  • Ensure communication is paramount and information updated and relevant.
  • To ensure stock checks are carried out regularly and orders to be written in stock book, giving 10 days notice in advance.
  • Ensure complete online timesheets with contracted  ensuring they are correctly completed on time and in line with policy.
  • Support management decisions and ensure staff adhere to policies and procedures.
  • Ensure staff development by keeping up to date with courses and identifying any relevant training needs.
  • Ensure budgets are spent wisely and efficiently involving team cooperation in the decision making process and ordering of food is done in line with good housekeeping using competitive services/suppliers.
  • Ensure any accidents/incidents are reported to management and where necessary written into the accident book.

    (Concise and accurate details required with signatures)
  • Ensure general cleanliness and standard of hygiene is met.  Start of the shift/end of shift jobs are fully completed.
  • To be pro-actively looking to improve the running of the kitchen, highlighting any positive improvements to management.
  • To take responsibility for children with special requirements i.e.

    Special diets/allergies
  • To reflect and maintain the nursery policies and procedures and to be aware of Health and Safety issues.
  • To wear appropriate uniform, aprons, headwear and shoes to comply with Health and Safety.
  • To remain professional in appearance and manner, whilst enthusiastically carrying out the aims and objectives within the ktichen.
  • To ensure that your individual level of hygiene is exceptional in standard and that your actions are in accordance with Food and Hygiene rules and regulations.
  • In conjunction with the Nursery Manager provide a healthy balanced diet for the children consisting of a hot cooked meal followed by a pudding of fruit.

    Snacks must also reflect a balanced diet.
  • To adhere to parental wishes of special diets/cultural diets if this is a feasible request.
  • To ensure that the kitchen is kept clean and tidy at all times in accordance with Health and Safety policies.
  • To ensure you follow the Health and Safety Hazard Analysis in reducing the risk of any potential hazardous occurrences taking place.
  • To ensure the refuse is removed and deposed off in the correct recycling and the kitchen is left in a clean and tidy state when you depart.
  • Any other duties in maintaining the high standards and professionalism of the nursery.

Skills and Qualifications :

  • Previous Kitchen experience
  • Food Hygiene Certificate
  • Knowledge of healthy eating
  • Experience with children
  • Passion

Location:  Cheltenham 
Salary:  :   £10.00 - £10.50  p/hr

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