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Fenestration RPM

§ Provide technical product application support to all sales activities providing knowledge and backup to internal and external stakeholders.

§ Develop close relationships with all UK systems companies and major door producers.

§ Work closely with Marketing and Sales to deliver strong messaging and targeted campaigns to the market.

§ Liaise with Customer Services and SCM to ensure we deliver successful new product launches, whilst minimising costs of end of life products.

§ Identifying requirements for certified fenestration installation solutions.

§ Daily product management and coordination of the Fenestration product portfolio as required and agreed.

§ Support internal and external stakeholders to offer technical/application support.

§ Develop a strong working relationship with the Director of Sales to support technical development, product design and product application in line with current UK and international standards.

§ Liaising with PL's and UK Marketing Team to ensure all product documentation, certification and promotional media are relevant and up to date.

§ Fully responsible for product planning and execution throughout the product range lifecycle including obsolesce and gathering and prioritising customer requirements.

§ Define product vision working closely with sales and marketing support to ensure revenue and customer satisfaction.

§ Deliver product training to associated internal stakeholders within the business.

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